This portrait series of fancy people with unusual habits is loosely based on a sampling of mad Kings and Queens throughout history.

Abdul Aziz

Though he was the sultan of Turkey, Abdul Aziz preferred all things chicken. His recreational activities included chasing fowl around the palace, organizing chicken weddings and adorning his favorite poultry with gold medals. His diet mostly consisted of eggs, often consuming up to a dozen in one meal.


Maria married her Uncle Pedro, who built her a (smaller and pink) version of Versailles. Her tendency toward melancholia was exacerbated as her family members died off one after another. Her husband/uncle's death was the first, then her eldest son from small pox, lastly her daughter Mariana. After suffering such tragedy she was consumed with grief and took to dressing like a child. She spent the rest of her days shrieking and pacing in the confines of her room.


Ludwig's adoration of swans and extravagant taste in palaces may have lead to his doom. After neglecting his princely duties for some time, he was found dead, mysteriously floating in a pond. Whether he was murdered or not is up for debate.


In an attempt to maintain her youthful beauty, Erzebet from Hungary sipped and bathed in the blood drained from the bodies of young women who worked in her castle. After her supply of palace staff ran dry, she established a finishing school to lure young ladies of noble birth to the palace. Unfortunately for them, they didn't take "finishing" literally and met their ghastly demise at the hands of Erzebet.


Vlad was passionate about puncturing living things of all sorts, particularly people. He perfected the art of impalement, figuring out a way to pierce a stake through a person so that it snagged all of the internal organs thus prolonging the torture. He especially enjoyed impalement while eating for some reason, so his dinner parties always included live entertainment—though it was not live for long. During his rule in Transvylania he was singularly responsible for eliminating poverty, hunger and crime by virtue of wiping out most of the population.